Bespoke private boat charters around your interests including wildlife, angling, photography or just relaxation and enjoyment.

With no set itinerary, we pride ourselves in offering a fully flexible and bespoke service.

Wildlife Watching

The variety of wildlife both in the waters, on land and in our skies, is as impressive as it is diverse. Some of the wildlife we see includes:

  • White Tailed Sea Eagles

  • Herons

  • Common Seals

  • Puffins

  • Kittewakes

  • Risso’s and Common Dolphins

  • Minke Whales

  • Otters


The waters around the Outer Hebrides offer a diverse catch of potential catches. Some of our previous catches include:

  • Pollock

  • Haddock

  • Mackerel

  • Cod

  • Whiting

  • Lobster

  • Octopus


Capture the unique landscape of the Outer Hebrides coastline including rugged cliffs, islands and bays. Overhead is an array of birdlife and the waters will test your photography skills in capturing brief glimpses of sea life. There are no end of possibilities and we’ll take you to coastline that offers great photographic possibilities.